Executive and non-executive directors

Michal Zahradníček, M.Eng., MBA
Chairman of the Board of Trustees

Michal Zahradníček, one of the founders of PrimeCell Therapeutics, is an investor and acts as a key figure in several high-tech companies in the Czech Republic and the Central and Eastern European region. He began his career in 1993, working as an economist for several international companies. Since 2001, he has been involved in investments in areas with high innovation potential. He acted as an advisor of the Ministry of Finance of the Slovak Republic, also taking part in health reform preparations. In 2004, he was awarded the title Manager of the Year for a Medium-Size Company and he was listed among the TOP 10 most successful Czech managers. Michal Zahradníček graduated from the Brno University of Technology. He then continued his studies at the Technical University in Darmstadt in Germany and at the Manchester Metropolitan University in the UK.

Zdeněk Souček, J.D. PhDr, Prof, Sc.
Strategic Planning Consultant

Professor Zdeněk Souček, one of the key figures of PrimeCell Therapeutics, is a Czech specialist renowned for his expertise in the area of strategic management. He is well-known as a successful strategic manager for various medium-size and large enterprises in the Central and Eastern European region. He has attended a large number of international events across 68 countries, making presentations in the areas such as innovation strategy and competitiveness. He is also president of the "Strateg Club". In the meantime, he teaches economics at the University of Economics in Prague and an MBA programme at the Prague International Business School. Professor Souček holds a juris doctor degree from the Charles University in Prague.

MUDr. Elena Šťastná
Member of the Supervisory Board of National Cell and Tissue Centre & 4MEDi – Center of Cell Therapies and Diagnostics (CBTD)

Dr. Elen Šťastná graduated from Charles University in Hradec Kralové in general medicine. After obtaining a first degree specialization in the field of general medicine she worked in this field until 2000. She has been involved in the projects of preventive medicine and projects aimed at improving the quality of life. She has worked at the Danish pharmaceutical and nutraceutical company Pharma Nord at managerial position in the field of education. Dr. Šťastná also provides consulting and advisory services in marketing communications activities, strategic planning and PR. She is The President of Soroptimist International Prague-world, prestigious women's organizations with direct access to the UN and other international organizations, such as UNESCO and the Council of Europe. Soroptimist International seeks to improve access to health care, doctors, midwives and applies to the fight against the spread of AIDS and transmission of the disease from mother to newborn and improvement of living conditions of women and children.

Dr. Štastná is the founder of the AA Homolka Club at the Department of Pediatric Allergy and Clinical Immunology Hospital Homolka, whose activities contribute to the improvement of awareness and better care for children with allergy and asthma.

Petr Koška, M.Eng., MBA
Chief Executive Officer

Petr Koška is Chief Executive Officer of PrimeCell Therapeutics Inc. and Vice-Chairman of the Board of Directors of the National Cell and Tissue Centre Inc. (one of the subsidiaries of PrimeCell Therapeutics). He joined PrimeCell Therapeutics in January 2013 holding a variety of leadership positions over the course of his career. Mr Koska is a well-known professional within the healthcare industry in the Czech Republic. He is a respected manager, who boasts of many years of experience leading large medical facilities.

Prior to his position in PrimeCell Therapeutics, since 2008 he was Chief Executive Officer at one of the largest university hospitals in the Czech Republic, namely, St. Anne´s University hospital Brno. In his previous position he gained knowledge of transferring medical science and research into clinical practice. Additionally, he was the head of a unique team of professionals who were involved with the development of an international centre of clinical research within the premises of St. Anne´s hospital, namely, International Clinical Research Center (ICRC). This centre was developed in co-operation with Mayo Clinic, Rochester, Minnesota, USA.

He started his professional career in 1996 at the University hospital Brno, where he held various leading positions until 2007, when he was elected General Director. In 1997 - 1998 he was one of the three key figures involved in the most unique plan in the healthcare industry in the Czech Republic up-to-date, which was the merger of university hospitals in the Brno region.

Mr Koška graduated at the Technical University Brno. Later, he obtained the MBA degree at Prague International Business School. Currently he is the candidate for PhD in business (DBA). In 2008 - 2012 he was a member of the scientific committee at the Medical faculty of Masaryk University in Brno.

Dr. Dagmar Hrůzová
Chief Medical Officer

Dr. Dagmar Hrůzová is Chief Medical Officer of PrimeCell Therapeutics Inc and its subsidiary company the National Cell and Tissue Centre since 2014. She is a well-respected specialist in the field of tissues and cells transplantation. She has completed a number of internships in major Tissue establishments around the world. She is a holder of the "Certified Tissue Bank Specialist" Certificate granted by the American Association of Tissue Banks (AATB).

She has published or has been a co-author of many scientific publications covering research in the fields of skin cover replacements, in hematopoietic stem cells, methods of corneas preservation for transplantation and research in treatment with the use autologous cultured chondrocytes.

Prior to her current position she worked at the University hospital Brno at the Urology Department, Hematology and Oncology Department, Tissue Bank in addition to Tissue and Transfusion Department. She obtained specialization in internal medicine of the 1st grade and the specialized competence in the field of hematology and transfusion service.

She has graduated from the Masaryk University Brno with MD degree in general medicine. She is a member of the Czech Society of Hematology and Transfusion Medicine Society CLS JEP.

RNDr. Tomáš Otevřel
Chief Scientific Officer

Thomas is not only an excellent scientist but also an experienced manager in the field of research in many biomedical and biotechnology fields. He has many years of experience in the field of molecular and cell biology, the discovery of new genes, research programs targeted in anti-cancer molecular diagnostics, dermatology, tissue regeneration, gene and cell therapy, the development of cell lines and the development of new drugs. After graduating in the Biology at the University of Jan Evangelista in Brno in 1989 and after two years of residence at the Institute of Biophysics AS ČR Dr. Otevřel was invited by prof. Stamm (on the basis of the proposed strategy for the isolation of DNA repair genes) to work in United States. In the US he worked until 1996 and from 1998 to 2012 where he was employed both in academia and in the cosmetics and biotechnology industry. Dr. Otevřel worked at the University of Pennsylvania / The Wistar Institute, Lankenau Institute for Medical Research, Thomas Jefferson University, Drexel University, in company Unilever and the company Intrexon Corporation, where from a position of top management led several development teams.

RNDr. Otevřel received all his degrees including a doctorate (RNDr.) at the University of Jan Evangelista Purkyně in Brno.

During his more than twenty-year career Dr. Otevrel´s work contributed to the following - chromosomal mapping and discovery of the human DNA repair gene XRCC4, understanding the role of stem cells in the cancer initiation, development of cell based assays for new anti-cancer drugs screening, development of noninvasive prenatal testing for a cystic fibrosis mutation, development of 3D cell culture systems and also to development of new anti-cancer treatment based on gene and cell therapy using dendritic cells.
His publications are listed here: document

Prof. Zohar Ben-Asher
Chief Strategy Officer

Prof. Zohar Ben-Asher is responsible in PrimeCell for developing and implementing the strategy for scientific and business excellence. Previously, he served as Chief Scientist & Academic Director of the European Center for Research and Financing, the representative of the State of Israel in the EU for scientific & technological cooperation, has worked for the University of Copenhagen and was also dean of the London International School of Business Sciences.

Professor Ben-Asher studied in Israel, the US and the UK, where he held senior positions in strategic planning, management and business administration. Prof. Ben-Asher taught at many higher education institutions in different countries in Europe, Asia and America. He is a longtime expert and reviewer in the European Framework Programmes. Zohar brings to PrimeCell his long experience in strategic planning, organization and management, coupled with his extensive experience in theoretical and methodological research. Together with the EU institutions and other internationally funded scientific and technological projects, Professor Ben-Asher actively involved in planning and managing projects in strategic planning and sustainable development in Asia. He is the author of numerous academic works that can be seen on his personal Website. Prof. Ben-Asher has also developed employee performance evaluation programs at universities and R&D organizations and implemented a program aimed at improving the status of these organizations in the international rankings. He speaks six languages, including Chinese.

Petr Čumba, M.Eng.
Chief financial officer

Ing. Petr Čumba graduated in the Brno University of Technology and in the course of his career, he held management positions in financial institutions, trading and manufacturing companies. Coming from a group SAB Finance – MPU, where was working as a chief financial officer in 2013-2016, he stood at the preparation of the transformation of MPU to a bank and ensure the implementation of new European legislation for the financial sector to internal processes. During his work for both companies there has been negligible growth in their profitability.

In 2010-2012 he was responsible for the financial management of manufacturing companies BONATRANS GROUP and MANEX Industrial Automation, where he led the crisis management team that has successfully completed the reorganization of the company.

Until 2009, he worked nearly 15 years in companies operating in oil and gas division of the KKCG Group. The longest in the MND, the biggest Czech oil and gas producer, where in addition to membership in the company boards, he managed finances in the parent company and subsidiaries. He was responsible for all standard economic activities, cash flow management in the group, both internal and external financing, management of domestic and foreign subsidiaries, development of gas trading after the end of state regulation, sales of crude oil, implementation of system of central purchasing, several transformations of companies in the group and other related activities.

Dr. Šárka Vitásková
Chief Sales & Marketing Officer (CSMO) společností skupiny PrimeCell

Dr. Šárka Vitásková became a sales director in PrimeCell group in February. She will be in charge of whole sales team and sales of all products of the company in the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Poland.

She joins the PrimeCell group after successful seventeen years spent in a pharmaceutical company Zentiva where she was the director of medical representatives for the Czech and Slovak Republic and also was a lecturer of new sales techniques. She had an important part in introducing TOP 4 preparations with the biggest growth potential on the Czech market and she also contributed in spreading affordable modern drugs among the Czech patients. She was awarded with the title of “The best manager of Zentiva”.

MVDr. Vitásková graduated at Veterinarian and pharmaceutical university in Brno. She received many awards for her work and she is a holder of several certificates in direction and management, in Paris in 2010 at worldwide Sanofi group meeting she was announced the best manager of Zentiva of the Czech Republic.

Ing. Pavel Markalous
Director of the Scientific and Technological park 4Medical Innovations in Ostrava

Ing. Pavel Markalous is since 2015 director of scientific and technological park 4Medical Innovations in Ostrava and is responsible for its operation and development.

It is also responsible for ensuring technical support and research activities carried out in the areas of scientific and technological park. Ing. Markalous has large experience from top management. He gained experience as a manager in several IT companies in the implementation of ERP systems. Such knowledge of business processes has expanded the area of management consulting and management development support. From 2004 he worked at Webcom Inc. (Now Konica Minolta), as project manager, and from 2006 to 2012, he held the position of CEO and Chairman of the Board. From 2012 to 2015 he worked as a business consultant and project managed the development of the distribution network in Central Europe.

Ing. Markalous graduated from the Military Technical School in Liptovský Mikuláš in the Slovak Republic in 1993.

Mgr. Igor Hlásenský

Legal matters of PrimeCell Therapeutics are in hands of a team of in-house lawyers led by Igor Hlásenský, young but well-experienced specialist in medical law as well as commercial and administrative law. Upon finishing his studies at the Faculty of Law of Masaryk University in Brno in 2010 he worked for a respected law firm and later moved up to the Ministry of Health to became a main lawyer, inspector, and deputy head of Inspectorate of narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances.

During his career Igor attended many conferences, trained people in legal consciousness and was a part of the European Commission delegation to Serbia for the purpose of bringing this country’s legislation into line with the European law. Igor is a major author of the text of the Czech Act On Drug Precursors and certain other general binding regulations and contributed significantly to terminate complicated and hyped cases.

Nowadays Igor is ranked among leading experts in legal obligations related to handling with tissues and cells and he strongly helps PrimeCell Therapeutics to conclude all the necessary contracts and conduct its activities in full compliance with the law.

Georgios Sakellaris
CEO BioniX s.r.o.

Georgios Sakellaris is graduated in Biology from the University of Patras (Greece) and has a PhD in Biochemistry from the ENSAIA (Nancy France) and post-doctoral studies in Biochemistry (Wageningen the Netherlands). He has been Research Director at the Institute of Biotechnology in the National Greek Research Foundation until 2012. During his service at the NGRF (Athens, Greece), he has conducted fundamental and applied research, supervised PhD students and he was involved in International consortia. (Partner of coordinator in 17 International funded projects (from FP2 to FP7). In the same Institute he was the head of the platform on science commercialization, regulatory and social issues.

From 2012-2013 he was visiting Professor at the Qatar Foundation (Doha, Qatar), and from 2014-2016 he was working at the Institute of Experimental Medicine / Czech Academy of Science, as head of the International cooperation office, responsible for general planning, networking, participation in competitive research projects (mainly from the EC) and partially with the private sector

He has a vast consulting experience: He has been elected member at the GMO panel of the EFSA (EC) 2003-2006. Elected member of the advisory body of the European Parliament for Biotech 2006-2009. Member of the EU-US Task Force on Biotechnology (EC) 2003-2010. Member of the European Federation of Biotechnology (WG on PP and on Bioeconomy). Member of the Greek advisory board on Bioeconomy. Member of the PRRI (Public Research and Regulation Initiative). Consultant of the University of South Bohemia (domain Bioeconomy). Ad Hoc expert in a number of EC committees. Evaluator of Research proposals in the EC (FPs), ESF, Eurostars and CEI

He participates in a wide range of networks: Notably, ICBA (International Council of Biotechnology Associations). BioIndustry Organization (USA). EuropaBio. CzechBio. He also has a tight connection with BioIndustry Organization in most European Countries, Japan and S. Korea

These networks are mainly dealing with BioIndustry and focusing on red Biotech (health and pharmaceutical domains). Contributing role as an expert in regulatory aspects, commercialization and International transaction. He has contributed on his scientific and advisory capacity by numerous publications of research papers in Scientific Journals and chapters in books. Additionally he has a significant contribution in non-scientific reviews and the general press for the public. Finally, he is a frequent speaker in International conventions and fora in the domains of expertise.

Eva Matějková
Dr, Qualified Person

Eva Matějková received her degree at the Masaryk University Brno in microbiology and molecular biology. As of 2005, she has been involved in the area of research within the field of mesenchymal stem cells and cell cultivations. In the meantime, she has also participated in a variety of clinical studies and for a period of five years she has been working as a research fellow in treatments of leukaemia at the Faculty of Medicine at the Masaryk University Brno. In 2008 she was named the Head of the Cell Therapy Department at Tissue Bank at the University Hospital Brno. Since 2009 she has worked as Qualified Person and in the same year she has been appointed Head of the Department of Cell Transplants at the National Cell and Tissue Centre. She is also responsible for clinical trials.
Actively participating at national and international conferences, presenting new research findings, Eva Matějková is a renowned professional within the field of Advanced Therapies.


PrimeCell Therapeutics a.s. je biotechnologická společnost vyvíjející léčivé přípravky z lidských buněk s cílem zlepšit kvalitu lidského života. Využíváme přirozené léčivé a regenerativní vlastnosti buněk. Speciálními manipulacemi ovlivňujeme vlastnosti buněk tak, aby léčebného účinku bylo dosaženo v postižených tkáních.



Využíváme přirozených léčivých a regenerativních vlastností buněk a jejich součástí. Speciálními ověřenými postupy ovlivňujeme vlastnosti buněk tak, abychom dosáhli léčebného účinku v postižených tkáních.

PrimeCell Therapeutics a.s. poskytuje pacientům nové metody vysoce personalizované efektivní léčby, které využívají lidské buňky a tkáně a to především v případech, kdy stav pacientů nelze léčit běžnými léčivy nebo jinou konvenční metodou, či je-li léčba lidskými buňkami pro pacienta šetrnější. Bude se věnovat především přípravě autologních a alogenních léčivých přípravků pro ortopedické indikace, ischemické choroby, kožní defekty nebo hojení ran.


Jedním ze základů aktivit PrimeCell Therapeutics a.s je intenzivní spolupráce s renomovanými tuzemskými a světovými vědeckými institucemi a klinickými centry s cílem využít výsledky základního výzkumu v klinické praxi, a to co nejrychleji ku prospěchu pacientů. Dále bude rozvíjena dosavadní síť více než sto klinických center a partnerů v České republice a v zahraničí.


PrimeCell Therapeutics a.s. byl založen v roce 2007. Je jedním z nejvýznamnějších investorů v Evropě v oblasti regenerativní medicíny. Vlastní a provozuje vysoce moderní vývojovou a výrobní infrastrukturu pro aplikovaný vývoj, zpracování a výrobu lidských buněk a tkání. Ve svém portfoliu má téměř 8000 m2 laboratorních prostor, z toho 2000 m2 cGMP zázemí pro vývoj a výrobu buněčných a tkáňových produktů. Více o infrastruktuře PrimeCell Therapeutics a.s. naleznete na www.natic.cz a www.4medi.cz


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